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meet david winston

David Winston serves as the co-founder of Film Capital Strategies producing films that push the limits of art, entertainment, and business. As a former notable fellow of the Delta Leadership Institute, David possesses a sharp strategic leadership acumen and abilities that enabled him to gain a comprehensive insight into the intricate challenges and prospects for economic development within the Delta area.


To my fellow citizens of Memphis, I am honored to announce that I am a candidate for Mayor of Memphis! I am running for mayor because I have a vision that together, the citizens will make our city a great place to live, work, raise our families, educate our children, and live in safe communities.

As Mayor of Memphis, I will hold all city employees accountable and responsible for performing their professional duties. In addition, I will hold all department/division leaders accountable for providing effective strategies to all employees under their supervision and leadership. During my first ninety days as Mayor of Memphis, I will develop comprehensive policies, procedures, accountability plans, safety requirement standards, that will command trust among our citizens Improving territorial relationships and significantly decreasing crime.

In addition, I will collaborate collectively in partnership with the County Mayor, community leaders, community organizations, faith-based leaders, citizens, and administrators in our educational systems. We will ensure students in Pre-K/K-12 continue to have safe schools with comprehensive curriculum programs.

As Mayor of Memphis, my top priority is to address public safety, reduce the crime rate and adjudicate the revolving door currently in our justice system. I will also encourage funding community-based initiatives that address the root causes of crime, such as poverty, addiction, mental health, and early childhood education reform; Pre-K/Early Childhood Education will be an emphasis. It is imperative that we also expand opportunities for higher education, vocational training, expand affordability access to health care systems, support public health measures that promote healthy lifestyles, and wellness programs.

I want to make our city a leader in innovation, sustainability, and social justice to be a model for the rest of America. I am confident that together, we can achieve these goals and more; that’s why I am asking for your vote and support. I am a candidate for mayor to improve the quality of life, services, and lower the crime rate level of our city to a positive future.

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As a Democratic candidate for State Representative of District 96, David Winston will bring forth a transformative vision that improves the quality of life for all citizens and make communities safe.

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To the citizens of District 96 in Memphis and Shelby County Tennessee, David Winston is campaigning to become your State Representative in 2024. District 96 consists of Cordova, North Memphis, and sections of Midtown and Frayser.

Winston graduated from Culver City High School in California. He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from the University of Memphis. He is a Leadership Memphis alum, a graduate of the Delta Leadership Institute and co-founder of Film Capital Strategies. Winston spearheaded life skills locally at various educational institutions including at Northside High School in addition within the tri-state region based upon his experience with Universal City Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment as well as Columbia Pictures. As a person who creates and manages a commercial enterprise, Winston knows how business activity can foster social change, and support community improvement through enthusiasm.

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Help elect David Winston for state representative district 96 . Volunteer your time and talents to elevate our vibrant city.

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Help elect David Winston to become your State Representative of District 96. Thank you for volunteering your qualify time and talents to elect a strong visionary leader for District 96.