As State Representative of District 96, David Winston plans to bring forth a transformative vision spotlighting the electorates causes and perspectives collectively in a forum to streamline processes that will improve the day-to-day operations in our community.

The Winston Campaign is built on:

Winston believes in empowering the electorates with access to higher education, employment opportunities, health services and instilling a sense of identity to foster sustainable growth within the community. His comprehensive approach to these vital issues leans heavily toward ensuring everyone has adequate resources to thrive.
Winston aims to optimally enforce the will of the legislature collectively with city leaders. His duties will be to execute legislative mandates to their full potential while amplifying the governance efficiency in parallel.

One of Winston’s continuous quotes, “Let’s give our citizens the benefit of culture to excel,” he asserts. A brighter future for contemporary and forthcoming generations lies at the heart of Winston’s mission. Winston is looking forward to enhancing the lives of District 96 citizens and making an indelible positive impact across Tennessee.